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Other Reviews

I really appreciate that Dr. Picard’s office handles everything with insurance prior to billing the patient.  Dr. Picard, Ofelia and the whole team are so honest, thorough, and nice to be around.  I like that Dr. Picard gives oral care suggestions and helpful information, and it never feels like I’m being up-sold or pushed to do things.  Dr. Picard is also very dedicated to giving back, including being very active in supporting Autistic children, and his personal willingness to do pro bono dental work for a chemo patient that I knew.

Jennifer Kanter
Patient since circa 2005


No one can ever replace Larry.  He’s a kind and genuine human being.  It’s like having a dentist in your family.  I have 2 veneer sets in the front and no one has ever known I have veneers.  I previously couldn’t get my son through appointments with pediatric dentists without throwing up.  So when he was 6, I brought him to Larry.  My son just had gum surgery, and Larry made him feel so comfortable.  Whether it’s for me or my son, he always explains what he’s going to do and how it’s going to feel.  There are no surprises.  Larry calls after you have a procedure to see how you’re doing.  He and his entire staff are considerate of your feelings and wishes.  They talk to you as a personal friend, not just as a patient.  I recommend Larry to everyone.

Michelle Cerami
Patient since 1990


The quality of Dr. Picard’s work is outstanding.  I used to have severe dental phobia stemming back to childhood, and I don’t have that fear anymore.  He and his staff are so compassionate and gentle.  I am having 28 teeth restored, including 16 crowns, top veneers, work on my bottom teeth, and replacing old mercury fillings.  I trust him, and his practice is remarkable.  I only wish I’d found him sooner.

Diane Nyden
Patient since early 2011


I really appreciate the time Dr. Picard takes to explain things, without putting any pressure on me.  I’m having crowns put on 6 front teeth now, and know that I’m in good hands.  His sense of humor also makes my dentist visits rather enjoyable.

Aldona Lopatauskas
Patient since 1990


Dr. Picard is a caring person and he is meticulous about what he does.  His staff are the most congenial as can be, making you feel right at home.  You want a nice, happy face above you when you’re in the dentist’s chair, and Dr. Picard is just that.  He takes great care in what he does and stays abreast of the latest information.  My husband and daughter feel equally fortunate to have him as their dentist.

Deborah Robinson
Patient since 1987 (one of his first patients)


After my babysitter fell through, I had to bring my 3 month old son with me to my appointment.  While I was getting my veneers done, Ofelia and Maribel gladly played with him.  Everyone in the office has always made me feel like family, and the dental care I’ve gotten is second to none.  My veneers look perfect.  Everyone I’ve recommended to Dr. Picard’s practice is thrilled.

Linda Rosenberg
Patient since 1999


Dr. Picard treats his staff well, clearly apparent both in person and from the fact that most of them have been with him for years.  I’m so happy there.  Dr. Picard always fits me in if it’s an emergency, and his work, including veneers and several crowns he’s done for me, routinely outlasts the official time it’s supposed to last. I’d rather pay out of pocket and drive the minimum 30 minutes from where I live in La Crescenta to get to Dr. Picard, than go to my local dentist covered by my insurance.  He’s well worth it.

Rose Buhrle
Patient since 1987 (one of his first)