Enhance your smile and improve oral hygiene with composite dental fillings…

Making an appointment to see your dentist isn’t typically something that most patients look forward to. You may be avoiding it because you just don’t have enough spare time to visit the dentist, or possibly because you are a bit nervous about what dental issues might be found after an extended absence from the dentist’s chair. However, seeing your dentist regularly should be a priority, and you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible if you have discovered a cavity. Here is some information about composite fillings and the process involved in getting a composite filling at the Los Angeles dental offices of Larry Picard, DDS.

What are the benefits of composite dental fillings?

Composite fillings, which are also known as  white or tooth-colored fillings, mimic the natural color of your teeth. This makes them virtually undetectable when you show off your new brilliant, renewed smile. These types of fillings are also chemically bonded to the tooth which provides added support to the structure of the tooth itself. With composite filling, less of your tooth’s surface actually has to be removed. Another key benefit of having composite fillings is that they can help to insulate the remaining tooth structure from drastic temperature changes, and can even prevent tooth breakage in some cases.

What types of dental issues can be treated with composite dental fillings?

Composite fillings can be used for smaller repairs, like a chipped or cracked tooth, cavities, or defective fillings. Patients who have discolored teeth, or gaps can also benefit from composite fillings, which is also sometimes referred to as “bonding”. There are a number of advantages to bonding, making composite fillings one of the most common dental treatments used today to prevent further tooth decay and aesthetically repair teeth that may need strengthening. If you believe that you may benefit from composite fillings and your particular dental issue is not mentioned above, please feel free to call or email our Los Angeles dental office to see if composite fillings may be the best option. If composites may not be right for you, then Dr. Larry Picard and his highly trained staff will be more than happy to discuss alternative treatments.

Often, composite fillings are a great alternative for patients who would like to remedy various dental issues, such as cavities, tooth decay, and cracked teeth, while improving the overall appearance of your smile. Thanks to this particular filling material’s versatility and durability, it has become a popular choice amongst dental patients in recent years, and continues to be a dental treatment that allows for innumerable patients to achieve the bright, healthy smile that they’ve always wanted.

If you feel as though your smile can benefit from composite fillings, call or email our Los Angeles dental offices to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Larry Picard DDS. He and his friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you to renew your smile and make that memorable first impression that truly reflects your personality.