Deep cleaning is also sometimes known as scaling and root planing therapy. These procedures are used when plaque and tartar have built up below the gum line, whether due to poor oral hygiene practices or a lapse in regular professional cleaning visits. This procedure will usually be performed over a series of two to four visits, depending on your individual situation.

What is Deep Cleaning / Scaling?

Scaling removes plaque, tartar, and other contamination from below the gum line in much the same way a splinter is pulled from beneath the skin. Your dentist will use a special scraping tool to gently pull the irritants from beneath the gums. In most cases, you will be given an anesthetic to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible, and your dentist may only do one half or quadrant of your mouth at a time. Your dentist may also smooth the surfaces of your tooth roots at this time so that the gums may more firmly reattach. After the procedure is over, your gums will generally feel better and you will have very little discomfort.

What is root planing?

Root planing is a procedure used to clean and smooth exposed tooth roots, allowing the gum tissue to reattach correctly. This procedure can greatly improve or even eliminate some of the symptoms of periodontal disease, including inflamed, swollen, or bleeding gums. This procedure also helps to remove bacteria from the tooth root surface, helping to stop the spread of gum disease throughout the mouth.

What are the benefits of deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is often considered to be the first and most simple step in treating periodontal disease. In many cases, patients report great improvement in their symptoms after their deep cleaning is complete. When performed early enough, deep cleaning can help prevent the need for more aggressive treatment such as dental surgery or laser periodontal therapy that will remove diseased gum tissue. In some cases, your dentist may perform additional deep cleaning appointments in order to ensure that the gums are as healthy as possible.

Are you a candidate for a deep cleaning?

There may be many reasons that you could require a deep cleaning appointment. Your dentist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, and may perform a regular cleaning before discussing the need for a deep cleaning with you. If it has been a while since your last regular cleaning and you suspect you may be in need of a deep cleaning appointment, call Larry Picard, DDS today for a consultation. He will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your deep cleaning treatment and will carefully explain any additional procedures that may be needed before beginning your treatment.