West Los Angeles Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is a modern approach to straightening teeth that is an attractive, effective alternative to traditional metal dental braces. We custom make aligners that you wear over your teeth to gradually straighten them and shift them into place. The aligners are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic, so most people won’t even know that you’re wearing them. This treatment is revolutionizing orthodontic care for teens and adults alike. Dr. Picard is a Preferred West Los Angeles Invisalign Clear Braces LogoProvider of West Los Angeles Invisalign Clear Braces. Dr. Picard uses his experience and knowledge of advanced cosmetic dentistry to provide his patients with confident smiles.

How do I get Invisalign?

In order to find out if Invisalign is right for you, you should first speak with your dentist to discuss the requirements of clear aligners, as well as how it may help to remedy your particular dental issues. If you are a good candidate for clear braces,  then your dentist will take x-rays, photographs, and molds of your teeth, in order to create an effective treatment plan that can be mapped out by using 3D technology. This will enable your dentist to have a clear picture of how your teeth will naturally move during the Invisalign process.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

There are a variety of benefits to wearing clear braces. Aligners consist of clear plastic and don’t utilized metal wires or brackets, as old fashioned braces do. Therefore, patients won’t experience the discomfort that is commonly associated with metal braces. A few of the other primary benefits of Invisalign include: their cosmetic appearance (given that they are virtually invisible, as their name suggests), the aligners can be removed whenever you like, Invisalign is more hygienic than metal braces, and you can still enjoy the foods that you like during the Invisalign process. In addition, the entire Invisalign treatment usually only takes about 1 year and you typically only have to see your dentist every 6 weeks for maintenance appointments.

Am I an ideal candidate for Invisalign?

Even though aligners are made out of plastic, rather than metal, they are able to straighten just as effectively as their old fashioned, bulky counterparts. It’s been proven that the clear braces system can actually treat a number of cosmetic dentistry concerns safely, without the use of embarrassing and intrusive metal brackets and wires. Patients who currently have spaced or overly crowded teeth, and bite issues can all benefit from the aligners . If your specific dental issue was not mentioned above, then you may want to speak with your dentist to see if Invisalign may still be an option, as this modern, innovative dental treatment can also help to remedy a myriad of uncommon cosmetic dentistry problems.

If your smile can benefit from at Invisalign aligners, call 310-479-4500 or email our Los Angeles dental offices to schedule your appointment with Dr. Larry Picard DDS. He and his friendly, trained staff can help you to get that brilliant white smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

Demonstrating Invisalign Aligners